Technology Solutions to Support Tire Manufacturers

"Expeditors has proven invaluable in providing the advanced technology suite required to drive operational decision making. This high-level visibility provides detailed milestones for our internal business managers, giving them the information they would not have access to otherwise. " 

Sheri Kerestman 

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company 



Advanced Planning Enables Effective Decisions 

As a major tire manufacturer operating in the Auto Mobility sector, the interaction between demand planning and inventory management is attributed to the visibility and control of supply chains. The ability to proactively avoid extra cost or use additional resources does not simply occur by chance, it is effective planning. A streamlined supply chain network requires real-time decision making in order to acknowledge delivery or customs entry delays. 

Critical factors: 

  • Active use of analytical data for ease of planning ahead 
  • Real-time reporting to avoid manual processing time 
  • Flexibility to support supply chain network and manufacturing activity 
  • Integrated transportation solutions within a single platform 
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The Opportunity 

With a focus on providing transparency of data and access to facts, we learned that Goodyear’s teams relied on cross-referencing files containing valuable information for managing inventory on inbound flows.

It was evident the real-time access to data would allow the goods-receiving process and planning to be efficient, therefore saving on resourcing and mitigating costs on waiting time in unloading critical material. Our teams worked collaboratively to create analytical information displayed in web-based dashboards that are purposeful and relevant to Goodyear’s business.

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Our Solution: Visibility and Trust

The focus is towards simplification of the customs processing while protecting the accuracy of processing information. Our teams’ ability to simultaneously move cargo and supply chain data permits more time to continually seek improvements and proactively resolve customer challenges.

The power of data

There is an abundance of reports, spreadsheets, and data available to customers. The tangible power is made available from information that is integrated, seamless, and evades manual interrogation. This forms the basis of trust, knowing that any reported data cannot be misaligned, enabling Goodyear with the confidence to routinely apply this knowledge and act upon it.

Integration is simplified:

  • Systems are connected to avoid costly or untimely errors
  • Data integrity is assured through compliance authorizations


The Results

With accessibility to finger-touch data and technology-enabling decision making, transit times were significantly reduced for Goodyear that lead to a reduction in inventory and speed to market for finished products. 

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Trust in Technology

Expeditors’ capabilities empower our customers with features they have never had access to before such as specific milestones and container reporting, spurring potential ideas for the future. The collation of analytical information is relevant and easily adapted for the user. The benefit to the customer was the trust in information when quick thinking and making decisions, saving significant cost and time.