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What can it do for you? 

Expeditors Carrier Allocation is a cloud-based collaboration platform that forecasts, plans, and connects shippers and forwarders with ocean carriers in advance of shipping to determine the most optimal flow of products. 

The platform enables shippers and forwarders to proactively create and optimize executable shipping plans, as well as direct orders or particular order types to specific carriers and vessel strings. 

 7 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Expeditors Carrier Allocation.



Dan Wall

President, Global Products

Expeditors Carrier Allocation exemplifies the innovation and cutting edge technology that our industry requires. 
The impact of technology built by the people who execute the job to be done every single day cannot be overstated. We are exceptionally proud to work with Walmart on this venture. Its dedication to eliminating waste in supply chain processes and commitment to partnerships with its long-term service providers is what made this vision a reality.


Michelle Weaver

Senior Vice President, Global Order Management

Through collaboration with our customers, Expeditors Carrier Allocation continues to evolve. The platform addresses a problem area many importers and exporters face, which is the ability to provide realistic forecasts to their carrier partners in order to secure the capacity needed to ensure their goods arrive in the right place, at the right time, and at the most optimal cost. Expeditors Carrier Allocation drives accuracy and efficiency into the process while alleviating costs for our customer’s supply chain, the carriers, and the forwarders in our industry.