Aftermarket Replenishment

"Expeditors was able to design and implement an aftermarket transportation solution throughout China." 

A major original equipment manufacturer of agricultural products  




Solution Design for an Aftermarket Replenishment

China offers a unique challenge when designing and implementing a time-definite service for aftermarket replenishment. The country's infrastructure offers a wide range of multi-modal options and the ability to meet customer demand is imperative to any service parts fulfillment cycle. The automotive sector requires an adept response to ensure parts are delivered to the end customer, focusing on network design, response times, and service performance.

Critical replenishment in China:

  • Aftermarket demand is often unplanned and response times are imperative
  • Service performance is the key driver to the customer experience
  • Market knowledge is crucial to design and implement a workable solution
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The Opportunity

A manufacturer with a countrywide network of dealers, distributors, and customers required an aftermarket replenishment to service over 200+ end-user locations throughout China. The customer was faced with a variability of demand, capacity constraints, and new supply chain risks. As product complexity increases, the end-to-end response of meeting our customer’s needs has never been more vital.


Our Solution

Focus on network design

The aftermarket replenishment across a country as extensive as China, which needs a 12 and 24 hour door-to-door response initially, relies on market knowledge and a highly capable network. The involvement of supply chain engineers, transportation experts, and operational awareness enabled us to launch a solution that aims to exceed the customer’s expectations.

Network integration includes:

  • Multi-level solutions to fully meet all delivery constraints
  • Consistent visibility and the capacity to adjust the delivery mode with limited timescales
  • Customer response and effective communication


Enabling Growth Through Our Partnership

The ability to create a partnership with a market-leading manufacturer required close attention to the deliverable execution. This involved a thorough transition in conjunction with our customer as their business base is continuously evolving in expansion mode. 

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The Results: Focus on Delivery Commitments

Our solutions and execution achieved the delivery commitments and exceeded the needs of the final customer. With an account management and operational customer-driven response, our customers can be confident in relying on a single partner for coverage across China. 

The flexibility of using domestic air routes, dedicated vehicles, double manned, and hand carry provided the range of service levels to ensure that critical and stock parts were delivered to 98% of all locations.